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Version 1.1

CoasterCounter for the iPhone brings all of your favorite roller coasters to the palm of your hand.

Do all of this and more:

  • Keep a mobile catalog of every roller coaster you have ever ridden
  • Identify your favorite rides by ranking, rating, and tracking ride count
  • Browse/search information on over 4000 coasters worldwide, including coasters that are no longer in service
  • Sync your list and view it online at, the world's leading coaster logging community
  • View photos of coasters online, capture photos on your phone, and share them directly with the community
  • Use full GPS support to locate nearby amusement parks, or quickly access a list of coasters in the park you are visiting
  • View your personal ride statistics right on the phone, including your top ten (overall/wood/steel), tallest, fastest, and longest coasters
  • Update your ride counts on the fly, as you ride new coasters or revisit old favorites
  • View the latest news/blog entries from and post comments/replies
  • Access multiple user accounts on a single phone
  • See statistics in US or Metric units
  • Use CoasterCounter on iPod Touch too!
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“A must have for coaster enthusiasts!
This is easily the best and most useful coaster related app on Itunes. Not only is it easy to use it keeps track of everything. I will be using this in the near future at parks. Thanks for the app!”

by HCLcoasters


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