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New in Teleprompt+ 2.2: The Help Screen

One of the major new features found in Teleprompt+ 2.2 is the help screen. This in-app resource should help you get answers to the most common questions, tell you how to contact Bombing Brain Interactive, and give you more access to Teleprompt+ resources.

Teleprompter for iPadTo access the help screen, simply tap on the help icon on the top toolbar of the main setup screen. This will launch the help view.

The help screen is divided into four main sections:

Documentation Icon

This section will link you to the Teleprompt+ user manual, which is a complete guide to every feature in the application. This is the ultimate reference guide to Teleprompt+.

Instuctional Videos Icon

If you’re looking for a quick video tutorial on how to use a specific feature for Teleprompt+, this section will provide you with everything you need. These videos are also available on the Bombing Brain YouTube Channel. If you haven’t subscribed to our YouTube Channel yet, we’d love to connect with you. We will be using YouTube to put out educational videos about our products, our industry, and technology in general.

Contact Us Icon

The ‘Contact Us’ section within Teleprompt+ will provide you with links to email us, visit our web site, or visit the app store to rate Teleprompt+. If you love using our application, there’s no better way to show your appreciation than to write us up a nice review on the App Store. Your comments will help other iOS users make informed choices about which apps they should use, and we would greatly appreciate it!

Also, if you have questions or feature requests, contacting Bombing Brain via the email link in this section is a great way to get those answered. We take all inquiries from our users very seriously and do our best to respond promptly.

Latest News and Blog Articles Icon

In the Latest News and Blog Articles section  you will find links to our latest blog articles, and other news related to Teleprompt+ and our other mobile applications.

Last but not least, if you’re not following Bombing Brain on Twitter and Facebook yet, you can find our profiles via the links at the bottom of the page. Our Twitter feed and the Bombing Brain Facebook page are great resources not only for information about our products, but for other articles about technology, education, and many other topics we find interesting enough to share. Become a part of the Bombing Brain community, and you can also find helpful tips from other users on how to get the most out of Teleprompt+.