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Professors Can Use Teleprompt+ to Record Video Homework Assignments

Both Teachers and Professors have more technological tools at their disposal than just a few years ago. These new technologies are advancing the way Teachers and Professors communicate, educate, and interact with their students. Some of the biggest technologies to enter the education industry over the past 5-7 years are:

  • Advancement of wireless internet
  • Online video
  • Tablet PCs like iPad

More and more schools are integrating these new technologies into their classrooms. Teachers and Professors are using them to better educate their students and students are using them to better understand, and engage with, the material being presented by their Teachers and Professors.

iPad Goes to School

professor teacher ipad

Here at Bombing Brain we are a little biased when it comes to which technology is making the biggest impact in classrooms around the world… iPad takes all of the new technologies and combines them into one easy to use device. iPad allows you to access the internet in the classroom. It enables students to watch videos that correspond to a current topic they are studying. It allows Professors to come up with curriculum that encourage students to engage in the topic of study like never before.

iPad is so revolutionary within our school that an entire ‘Education App’ industry is being built around its usage. Colleges and Universities around the world, along with K-12 schools, are testing using iPad in the classroom. As more and more Teachers and Professors get comfortable with using iPad and all of the Education apps out there, we believe we are going to see a huge shift away from traditional school tools like textbooks and pencils to a more advance set of tools like iPad, online video, and social networking.

Teleprompt+ in the Classroom

As we continue to upgrade our app, Teleprompt+, we are finding more and more uses for it. Many times we don’t even realize all that it’s being used for until we hear from a customer. One thing that we do think many Teachers and Professors can now take advantage of from Teleprompt+ is its video recording capability. As many of you know, Teleprompt+ is a teleprompter app for iPad. With our latest update to Teleprompt+ users can now shoot video right within the application. This means to Teachers and Professors can use Teleprompt+ to record video messages and homework assignments for students.

Why Should Professors Record Video Homework Assignments?

When we were in school we remember teachers giving us homework assignments, usually at the end of class. We scrambled to write down the instructions without taking time to think about them. By the time we got home we had our chicken scratch notes and no memory of what needed to be done. With video home work assignments, students can replay the assignment over and over. Video captures emphasis, which will help students understand where they should focus. Video assignments can be thought out, scripts can be written and imported into Teleprompt+ and Professors can create a clearer message for students instead of just throwing out the assignment at the end of class when everyone is getting ready to leave.

If you’re interested in using Teleprompt+ in your classroom, simply download Teleprompt+ from the App Store. Also, you should know that Bombing Brain Interactive is part of the Apple Education Volume Purchase Program. This allows educational institutions to buy multiple copies of apps at a discounted price. So, if you’re interested in buying Teleprompt+ for your class, but think the entire school could benefit from it, please feel free to share this information with the school board and receive a discount on your purchase.

We would love to hear how it works for you. We think Teleprompt+ along with iPad will change the way you teach and your students learn.


  1. Posted December 31, 2011 at 9:07 pm | Permalink

    Have you guys ever experienced Adobe Visual Communicator on a windows PC? As a middle school tech teacher for 11 years I can say it has been the biggest addition to our toolbox, however adobe has discontinued development and I think its time for it to be recreated on an ipad. I would love to consult to make this happen, as I have created training dvds around visual communicator and have a growing community of educators and business owners using it for video production. We just need it to exist on an IPad now! Please spend 5 mins watching this demo video so you can become familiar with all the features (greenscreen, teleprompter, wizard, graphics, templates) and let me know if this is something you would like to pursue:

  2. Jay
    Posted March 5, 2012 at 11:34 am | Permalink

    Thanks for updating the remote. However I’d like to suggest an additional update: program the volume buttons to “stop/start” scrolling. That way the user could operate the remote by feel and does not have
    to take eyes off the lens.
    Thanks for making this great app.