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Record Podcasts with an iPad Teleprompter

Podcasters will be happy to know that recording podcasts just got easier. Read from a teleprompter while recording your podcast all through one application. No more finding a good spot next to your computer for your handwritten script. No more scrolling down that Word doc as you’re recording your audio on your laptop. Now you can record audio through Teleprompt+. Read your script and record your audio through one iPad application. Follow the steps below to record your next podcast with Teleprompt+.

Import Your Script

Record Podcast on your iPadFirst and foremost Teleprompt+ is a iPad Teleprompter application. Before you can record your podcast you have to get your script prepared. Teleprompt+ offers you numerous ways to add your script. You can use the built in text editor to write your script directly in Teleprompt+, you can import your script from Google Documents or Dropbox, and you can copy and paste your script into Teleprompt+ from any iPad application. Once your script has been added to Teleprompt+, the next step is all about customizing the controls to suit your speaking style.

Modify Your Teleprompter Controls

You’re able to customize the scrolling speed, start countdown, timer display, font type, font size, text color, and background color per script. You can also insert Cue Points within your script. Cue Points allow you to quickly jump forward or back to a designated section of your script. Cue points are easy to add, and are invisible while prompting, so they will not distract you from your reading. As you are modifying your controls, you can use that time to practice reading your script. Practice is important because after you setup your controls, you’re ready to start recording your podcast.

Begin Teleprompting & Recording Your Podcast

During a recent version update, we added a recording feature built into Teleprompt+. With so many users recording podcasts with Teleprompt+ already, we wanted to add the recording feature to make it easier for you to do everything all within one application.

Once you’re ready to start recording your podcast simply select your script by clicking ‘Scripts’ in the top left corner of Teleprompt+ and select the script that you’d like to use. Click the Start button at the bottom of the app to get started. Once the countdown is finished you can simply tap the screen to pull up the Teleprompter control bar and you’ll see a microphone in the top right corner of the Teleprompter control bar. Click the microphone to start recording your podcast. Once you’re finished recording your podcast you can export your audio file from your iPad to your computer.

Export Your Audio File

To export the audio file just connect your iPad to your computer, open iTunes, and click on your device. Under the ‘applications’ tab there is a section for file sharing at the bottom. Find Teleprompt+ and click on that row. In there you can see all your recordings and copy them to your computer for editing. Once your podcast is finalized you can upload it to your site.

Podcasting is Easier with Teleprompt+

We hope that adding the recording feature to Teleprompt+ makes it easier for podcasters to record your podcasts. If anyone has already used Teleprompt+ for recording podcasts we’d love to hear how it worked for you. We hope you’ll share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.