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Another 360 Has Come and Gone

It’s September again, and for Bombing Brain, that has come to be synonymous with 360iDev. All three of us were able to make the trip this year, thanks to the endless understanding of our families. It’s a great opportunity for us to gather as a company amongst likeminded people and discuss the business of mobile [...]

4 Days of Making New Friends in Lone Tree—360iDev 2012

We had two major goals in mind when we decided to attend 360iDev again this year. The first was to help contribute to the conversation surrounding app pricing. We’ve had a reasonable amount of success over the past four years selling apps to customers who are focused on quality, not price, and we felt it [...]

Bombing Brain at 360iDev

There really is no substitute for face to face interaction. It had been more than 11 years since I had a chance to hang out for more than a few hours with my good friends and collaborators at Bombing Brain Interactive. Living on two different coasts, we just barely get together whenever I’m visiting family [...]

Talking App Development at Silicon Valley Apps for Kids

I had the pleasure of giving a talk about our latest application, Spooky Playtime, at the Silicon Valley Apps for Kids meetup this past Monday night. Special thanks to Joshua Garrett of Creativity Incorporated for hosting this event. And thanks to everyone in the audience for your attention, despite it being the last night of [...]

Why We Are Here (Introducing Bombing Brain, Part 1)

Please let me introduce myself… My name is Gene Whitaker, and I am the co-founder and CEO of Bombing Brain Interactive. We’re currently a three-man operation, so I don’t take that “CEO” title that seriously. Lets just say it stands for “chief explosives officer” (pun intended) and be done with the formalities. We are three [...]