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Setlists 1.3

Often the best ideas for new features in our apps come from our customers. We say it all the time, because it’s always true: we really love getting feedback from users. Feature requests generally fall into three categories. The first category includes features that are fairly easy to do and make perfect sense. Those get [...]

The Story of Setlists Part 1 – Humble Beginnings

Teleprompt+ has been an amazing success for us over the past two years. We’ve listened to our customers and added so many great features that we lost count. All while sticking to our clean and simple interface. And we have amazing plans for even more coming soon. But a funny thing happened late last year [...]

Why we Care About Documentation

I remember when my dad brought home our first Mac SE back in 1986. He wouldn’t turn the machine on until he had read through the entire user manual. He left the computer sitting powered down in the basement as he started diligently reading. I thought he was nuts. I immediately flipped the switch and [...]

About the Teleprompt+ 2.4.1 Update

It was killing us to know that all you owners of the shiny new iPad were looking at low-res graphics for the last few weeks, but we wanted to make sure our upgraded Retina graphics for Teleprompt+ looked just right on the new screen, rather than taking a guess at how they might look. That [...]

The Circle is Now Complete – Announcing Teleprompt+ for Mac!

We’ve strived for over a year to make Teleprompt+ the best teleprompter on the iOS platform. Thanks to you, our users, we’ve been able to add many of the features and enhancements you’ve requested to make the app a leader in its category. Yet we admit there has always been something missing – a companion [...]