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Teleprompt+ 3 Featured on has a new course debuting today called “Managing a Video Production with an iPad” which features the all-new Teleprompt+ 3. If you’re a subscriber, and you’re interested in video production you should check it out. If you’re not a subscriber, you should consider signing up. Amazing treasure trove of instructional video there [...]

Thank You for Our Best Day Yet

Thanks to everyone who purchased Teleprompt+ 3 during its launch day yesterday. We’re very happy with the way the day turned out, and from what we’ve been hearing so far, so are you. Launching such a big upgrade is a daunting task, and it required countless hours over the course of a few years from [...]

Teleprompt+ 3 is Here

The wait is over. Teleprompt+ 3 is finally here. We’ve spent a lot of time and energy making this new app the best it can possibly be, and we hope you love it as much as we do. So what’s new and special about this version? Let’s start with some of the biggest new features: [...]

The New Teleprompt+ Icon

One of the tasks I was most looking forward to with the Teleprompt+ 3 redesign was the app icon. It’s an interesting challenge: create something that looks fresh and new, yet signals to our long-term customers that this is still their favorite teleprompter application. The original icon I designed back in version one had been [...]

Teleprompt+ 3 is Almost Here

Today we want to take a few moments to talk about our flagship product, Teleprompt+. We’re extremely proud that Teleprompt+ has been the number-one teleprompting solution on the App Store since its debut nearly four years ago. And we’re grateful to our customers for making that possible. Lots of competitors have come along, but professionals [...]