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Setlists and the iRig BlueBoard

One of the little known new features of Setlists 2 is the support for the Bluetooth MIDI pedalboard made by IK Multimedia, the iRig BlueBoard. We’ve had many customers request support for this when it was released. At that time we were right in the middle of the major rewrite of Setlists. Although it was another task in an ever-growing list of things to do with the new app, we knew we had to add it. So we carved out some time to get that integrated.

In doing this we quickly realized we had to add some sort of key/button mapping tool so that the app would work with the BlueBoard and could continue to work with the existing pedals and remotes such as the AirTurn, PageFlip and Satechi devices. Along with adding support for the BlueBoard, this also opened the door to allow support for almost any kind of remote device. A win/win! The downside to this is that it does add a bit of complexity to the app and the BlueBoard setup can be tricky at first. So for those of you who are looking for instructions on setting up the BlueBoard, check out the guide below.

Setting up the iRig BlueBoard with Setlists.

A. Pairing the BlueBoard and your iPad/iPhone

  1. Install the BlueBoard app on your device.
  2. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your iPad/iPhone.
  3. Turn on the BlueBoard by flipping the switch on the bottom of the pedal to the on position.
  4. Then launch the BlueBoard app and it will immediately start looking for the foot pedal.
  5. Once it finds your device it will display that in a list in the middle of the screen. Just tap on the name to connect the devices.
  6. The devices are now paired and you can exit the BlueBoard app.

B. Configuring the BlueBoard with Setlists 

By default Setlists is mapped to support the most common bluetooth foot pedal setup which uses the arrow keys and page up / page down commands. Since the iRig is a MIDI device, it behaves a bit differently with the app and each of the buttons must be configured to work correctly. The process is very simple, and after it is done it will not need to be configured again.

  1. Once the BlueBoard and your iPad/iPhone are paired you can launch Setlists.
  2. In order to configure which button on the foot pedal controls the app, tap on the Tools button in upper right corner of screen (icon looks like a wrench).
  3. In the Tools menu, scroll down and find and tap the “Map Remote Buttons” option.
  4. This menu contains all the various controls you can assign to the foot pedal. Tap on the one you want to configure.
  5. Once the setting you want to configure is highlighted, simply press the button on the BlueBoard that you want to use to perform that action.
  6. Repeat sets 4 & 5 for each of the buttons you want to assign and then tap anywhere outside the menu to close it.
  7. Now choose a setlist and song to prompt and your iRig BlueBoard will now control your iPad using your assigned settings.

If you need to change or reset all of these mappings just tap the “Reset Device Mappings” button at the bottom of the mapping screen.

Note: If you turn off your BlueBoard and then turn it back on you will have to first go back into the BlueBoard app and re-pair the devices. If the Blueboard app was already running on your iPad (in the background) you will also have to tap on the “Tap here to connect your BlueBoard” text. After doing this it will search and list your foot pedal. Once again just tap on that to reconnect then launch Setlists and your good to go!

Configuring the BlueBoard is a very simple process but pairing it with your iPad is a bit different than normal since you have to use the BlueBoard application. Once you get used to that process the rest should go smoothly.

The iRig Blueboard is an awesome foot pedal and we hope to add more features to the app to get even more use out of the pedal. It’s a great addition to any performing artist who needs hands-free use of Setlists.