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Professors Can Use Teleprompt+ to Record Video Homework Assignments

Both Teachers and Professors have more technological tools at their disposal than just a few years ago. These new technologies are advancing the way Teachers and Professors communicate, educate, and interact with their students. Some of the biggest technologies to enter the education industry over the past 5-7 years are: Advancement of wireless internet Online [...]

Record Podcasts with an iPad Teleprompter

Podcasters will be happy to know that recording podcasts just got easier. Read from a teleprompter while recording your podcast all through one application. No more finding a good spot next to your computer for your handwritten script. No more scrolling down that Word doc as you’re recording your audio on your laptop. Now you [...]

President Obama Can Use an iPad Teleprompter to Reduce Spending

Over the past few weeks America’s budget deficit has been a topic of debate, with media sources like Yahoo News, Fox News, and others are reporting every twist and turn. It started back in November 2010 when many Republicans and Tea Party members were elected into Congress under the promise to rein in America’s spending. [...]