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About the Teleprompt+ 2.4.1 Update

It was killing us to know that all you owners of the shiny new iPad were looking at low-res graphics for the last few weeks, but we wanted to make sure our upgraded Retina graphics for Teleprompt+ looked just right on the new screen, rather than taking a guess at how they might look. That meant waiting until we got new iPads ourselves before shipping the update, so we could make all the necessary adjustments to color, brightness, and sharpness of detail. And there were a few images in there that gave us some trouble, so we took some extra time to polish. We think it was worth the wait.

Meanwhile, our coders didn’t sit around waiting for the graphics. We managed to bake a few new surprises into this update: a couple of smaller features people have been asking us to add for a while.

So this update is more than just a pretty face.


While prompting in Teleprompt+, you can, of course, always tap on the center of the screen to bring up the bottom console, where you’ll find all sorts of controls for your session. But many users were asking for some shortcut gestures that could make altering settings on the fly even easier. None of these gestures is required to use Teleprompt+, but once you learn them, you’ll find they can make you more productive.

  • Single finger double tap anywhere on the screen – this will toggle between pause and play. In previous versions, a two-finger double tap would accomplish this. Two fingers will still work, but now you only need one.
Single-finger Double Tap
  • Single finger swipe left or right – this will cause the script to jump to the previous or the next cue point, respectively.
Single-finger Swipe Left or Right
  • 2-finger swipe up or down – this will speed up or slow down the speed of your prompting. This one is also timing sensitive, so the faster you swipe, the more drastic the change in speed.
2-finger Swipe Up or Down
  • 2-finger swipe left or right – Jumps to the previous or the next script in your current group.
2-finger Swipe Left or Right
  • Pinch in and out – this will adjust your font size. Pinch out to increase the size; pinch in to decrease the size.

2-finger Swipe Up or Down

  • One-finger swipe in a circular motion – draw a circle, counter-clockwise with one finger, and the script will restart from the beginning.
1-finger Swipe in Counterclockwise Circle

By the way, these new gestures are available on the remote control as well, with the exception of font resizing. For that one, you’ll need to use the remote buttons.

Wired Remote Control

In addition to new gestures, we’ve also added support for a wired remote to control your prompting. If you have Apple’s white earbuds (or some other compatible set of headphones with the same type of control buttons for iTunes playback) you can control your prompting session in the following ways:

  • Volume Up button – speed up the prompting speed
  • Volume Down button – slow down the prompting speed
  • Middle button – Play/Pause the prompter
  • Double click the middle button – Jump to the next Cue Point

And, as a final extra added special bonus, these volume button controls also work with the hardware buttons on your device. So pressing the volume up button on the side of your iPad or iPhone, for instance, will increase the speed of your prompting. The Volume Down button will decrease the speed. You can even double click the Home button, swipe to the right on the recent apps drawer that pops up, and use the play and skip forward and backward buttons to control the prompter if you like.

We hope you enjoy the luscious new hi-resolution graphics for Teleprompt+ version 2.4.1. And we hope you enjoy the new gesture and remote functions.