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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Look Ma! No hands! – Teleprompt+ Goes Hands-Free

Teleprompt+ was launched about a year ago and one of the first feature requests we had was from musicians wanting to control the app from a foot pedal.  It took some time for the hardware to become available but that has been remedied with the use of Airturn, Inc.’s AirTurn for iPad (affiliate link).  This [...]

New in Teleprompt+ 2.2: The Help Screen

One of the major new features found in Teleprompt+ 2.2 is the help screen. This in-app resource should help you get answers to the most common questions, tell you how to contact Bombing Brain Interactive, and give you more access to Teleprompt+ resources. To access the help screen, simply tap on the help icon on [...]

Teleprompt+ and iPad 2: An entire mini-production studio in one tiny device

Are you delivering a presentation that you wish you could preserve forever?  How about sharing it with others that couldn’t attend?  Maybe your dreaming of being the next Gary Vaynerchuk or Robert Scoble but just can’t do it off the cuff like they do.  Well, Teleprompt+ is ready to help you with that and more. [...]