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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Using an iPad Teleprompter in the Music Studio

Thanks to modern technology, the writing and recording processes are becoming more intertwined. Several years ago, we needed to work out the details of our songs for several months in a rehearsal space and then try to capture them all during the course of an expensive few days or weeks in the studio. Today, we [...]

Time To Break The Rules – From Employee to Entrepreneur

I’m not encouraging anyone to go out and break any laws or anything like that, but I think its important sometimes to understand that to be successful and stand out, you have to break from what is considered the normal path. I was on that path. Before Bombing Brain, I had a fairly good career. [...]

President Obama Can Use an iPad Teleprompter to Reduce Spending

Over the past few weeks America’s budget deficit has been a topic of debate, with media sources like Yahoo News, Fox News, and others are reporting every twist and turn. It started back in November 2010 when many Republicans and Tea Party members were elected into Congress under the promise to rein in America’s spending. [...]