Recommended Hardware

For Use with Teleprompt+ 3

We recommend the following accessories to make your prompting experience with Teleprompt+ 3 even better.

iKlip 2 from IK Multimedia

The iKlip 2 for iPad is a newly designed multi-angle lightweight universal iPad microphone stand adapter. We’ve taken the hugely successful iKlip Microphone Stand Adapter and made it even better and easier to use.

iKlip 2

IK Multimedia iRig BlueTurn

iRig BlueTurn is a Bluetooth page turner with backlit pads that easily lets you turn pages and scroll through material hands-free.

iRig BlueTurn

AirTurn BT-105

The AirTurn BT-105 is a wireless unit for controlling Teleprompt+ and several other iPad applications hands free. The BT-105 can connect to one or two foot switches to provide stopping and starting, as well as speed adjustment or cue point navigation.

AirTurn BT-105

Donner Bluetooth Page Turner

Take control of music reading, scrolling lyrics or guitar tabs, teleprompting or media control, and more.

Donner Page Turner

Pad Prompter from One Take Only

Pad Prompter is thinner, lighter, and cheaper than your laptop. It features adjustable height to fit any 15mm rods set-up, 70/30 beamsplitter glass (not acrylic) for easy reading, lens hood and side panels for easy use in daylight, and a polypropylene case that weighs less than 3 lbs.

Pad Prompter from One Take Only

Elite Remote

Elite Remote is the world’s first and only Bluetooth teleprompter remote for the iPad. It features 9 soundless buttons for precise and complete control of your iPad.

Elite Remote

Prompt-it™ Maxi

Boldly “prompt-it” where no one has “prompted-it” before. The Prompt-it™ Maxi is designed to hold the iPad (or any device that size or smaller) and be set up in under 2 minutes, without any tools required.

Prompt-it Maxi

AirTurn Digit II

Small enough to hide in the palm of your hand, smart enough to work even from inside your pocket, the AirTurn DIGIT II makes it easy to present and control apps without sticking out like a sore thumb.



The all-in-one Photo/Video Rig that fits in your pocket! Hand-held Stabilizer, Remote Control, Tripod Mount, and more...


AirTurn Manos Universal Tablet Mount

The Universal Manos Mount fits all sizes of iPad and several other tablet devices as well, up to 8.5" wide.

AirTurn Manos Mount

Satechi Bluetooth Smart Pointer

The lightweight, portable Satechi Bluetooth Smart Pointer is the perfect solution for controlling Teleprompt+ on Bluetooth-enabled computers and iOS devices.

Satechi Smart Pointer

Mirror Images Teleprompters, Inc. iPad Series

Mirror Image has designed a kit that allows you to use your iPad as the monitor on our teleprompters. The iPad prompter kit includes a fully adjustable camera & tripod mount (same piece as used in all of our portable teleprompters). Mirror Image also uses a wide-angle trapezoid beamsplitter mirror that adds greater visibility to your HD camera. With the iPad, this is easily readable to 12 feet, and extremely portable at less than 10 pounds!

Satechi Smart Pointer

PageFlip Cicada

The PageFlip Cicada is a wireless Bluetooth pedal designed to meet the needs of musicians and people with disabilities who struggle with the challenge and inconvenience of page turning.

PageFlip Cicada

Smart TP

Smart TP is an ultra light teleprompter. A solution to broadcasters, independent producers and news gatherers. It is the only one which can accept any kind of smartphone, PDA, tablets, iPhones and iPads. The system itself weighs less than 1.5 pounds, making it perfect for field recording and outside shooting. It doesn´t require any rails or tripods. It-s a plug and play pressure system and it has a high grade, broadcast, optical-quality glass.

smart TP

Satechi Bluetooth Multimedia Remote Control

Compact and lightweight, Satechi BT Media Remote is the ultimate multi-media companion for your Bluetooth iOS device. Enjoy the convenience of controlling Teleprompt+ on your iPhone or iPad media wirelessly.

Satechi Multimedia