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Why We Are Here (Introducing Bombing Brain, Part 1)

Please let me introduce myself…

My name is Gene Whitaker, and I am the co-founder and CEO of Bombing Brain Interactive. We’re currently a three-man operation, so I don’t take that “CEO” title that seriously. Lets just say it stands for “chief explosives officer” (pun intended) and be done with the formalities. We are three guys who love Apple, love technology, and most importantly want give something good to the world (and maybe at least make a half-decent living doing it).

The purpose of this blog is to to connect with our customers on a more personal level – to talk about our apps and share some of our trials and tribulations in making them. We hope to inspire a dialogue with you in these articles, with the intention of improving our existing products and coming up with new app ideas that will bring even more value to this exciting new platform.

Over the next few weeks, our partners and I will be posting some articles that will help you get to know us better. Please register on our blog and respond to our articles, we love the feedback and love to hear from you. You can always hit us via email (, or on our Facebook ( and Twitter (@BombingBrain) accounts as well.

Might as well get it started…

Why Apple, why now?

A little over two years ago, Apple launched the iPhone 3G and the iTunes App Store, and changed the world as a result. Fast-forward to today and look where we are – the iPhone is the most sophisticated and popular mobile phone in the world, and their revolutionary iPad is one of the most rapidly adopted electronic devices in history, and is going to take a bite out of traditional PC sales. For a lot of people, the iPad will replace their computers (I already know a few people who rarely use their computer for much of anything since they bought their iPad).

There are so many reasons why one could explain Apple’s recent success – too many in fact to count or even discuss here. There is one thing that attracts us personally to their platform. Its that through years of careful experimentation, failures, and refinements, Apple has seemed to find that balance between state of the art science and engineering and still somehow produce products that are so naturally human and intuitive. I challenge anyone to find a platform that offers such a natural human interface. I watched tonight as my two year old daughter asked for my iPad. She sat it in her lap and promptly pressed the home button, swiped the lock on screen, pressed the home button again to exit the app that I was last running, and then she swiped through the icons until her games appeared. She chose a game and was playing in just a few seconds.

If my two-year old can operate the device with such ease, I have to think that perhaps that we do not just have a gimmicky new trend on our hands as so many people have accused. Perhaps we are actually witnessing the beginning of a new era in computing. One centered on the user, not the technology, centered on the task to accomplish, not the mechanics of the tools.

All of this is a natural fit for Bombing Brain, and I’ll tell you why in part 2 of this post. I’ll tell you more about us and how we ended up developing some of the apps we’ve published. After that, Tim has a great article on the marathon effort we put in to make our latest labor of love – Spooky Playtime!