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The Story of Setlists 7 – Advancing Lyrics on your iPad Hands Free

I play guitar and/or bass when I’m on stage, so I knew right away that Setlists was going to need some sort of hands-free control. Very early in the design process, we planned support for the AirTurn as a key feature for version 1.

AirTurn BT-105 with Pedalboard

AirTurn BT–105 with Pedalboard

We have a good relationship with the folks over at AirTurn. They make a good product, and they love to showcase all the great apps that take advantage of it. The BT–105 has become an industry standard for musicians with iPads, so there was a good chance our core audience would already own one (or at least be considering it). And building in support was fairly easy; we had already done it for Teleprompt+.

Hugh from AirTurn was excited when we told him about our plans for Setlists. He even featured The Setlists icon on the banner for his booth at NAMM long before the app was finished. So we knew he’d help us get the word out just as he did for Teleprompt+.

Setlists on Stage with AirTurn

For the first version of Setlists, we decided to keep it simple. The AirTurn will advance your lyrics from one page to the next. If you have two pedals, the left pedal can go back a page, and pressing both pedals simultaneously will advance to the next song. These three simple functions represent 90% of the interaction you’ll need from Setlists during a set. We’re exploring more ways to utilize the pedals in future versions, including supporting that cool new 4-pedal AT-PB4. But we don’t want to over-complicate things, making you dance all over the stage to try and control every aspect of the program. The goal is to make using Setlists less intrusive on your performance.

If you want to learn more about all of the features of Setlists, visit the Setlists web site.