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Look Ma! No hands! – Teleprompt+ Goes Hands-Free

AirTurn Bluetooth BT-105 with 2 ATFS-1 Clear Foot Switches

Teleprompt+ was launched about a year ago and one of the first feature requests we had was from musicians wanting to control the app from a foot pedal.  It took some time for the hardware to become available but that has been remedied with the use of Airturn, Inc.’s AirTurn for iPad (affiliate link).  This excellent little piece of hardware allows hands-free control of Teleprompt+ along with support from a slew of other apps that take advantage of the AirTurn.

Using the AirTurn and Teleprompt+ is simple. Once the AirTurn is paired with your iOS device just choose your configuration in the settings pane of the app:

  • Single Pedal: Tap the pedal to pause, tap again to play
  • Dual Pedal, Speed Control: Tap the left pedal to slow down. Tap the right pedal to speed up. Tap both pedals simultaneously to pause/play
  • Dual Pedal, Cue Points: Tap the left pedal for the previous cue point. Tap the right pedal for the next cue point.  Tap both pedals simultaneously to pause/play.

After choosing your configuration just tap the start button and you can then use the foot pedals as desired. Easy right?

One other benefit of adding foot pedal support as it was trivial to add blue tooth keyboard support as well. So if you have a blue tooth keyboard handy you can use that as a remote as well.  Just pair up the keyboard with your iPad.  Start prompting and go to town using your keyboard to control Teleprompt+.  Here’s a list of the keys that you can use:

  • Play/Pause: Space Bar
  • Slow Down: <
  • Speed Up: >
  • Previous Cue Point:  [
  • Next Cue Point:  ]
  • Start/Stop Video/Audio Recording: R
  • Exit Script: X
  • Restart/Begin Script: B
  • Decrease Font Size: -
  • Increase Font Size: +
  • Hide/Show Video Window: H
  • Up Arrow – Pause/Play, Slow Down, Previous Cue Point (depends on foot pedal setting)
  • Down Arrow – Pause/Play, Speed Up, Next Cue Point (depends on foot pedal setting)

Note: You might be wondering why the speed controls seems to be reversed (up arrow slows down, down arrow speeds up).  Unfortunately that is how the foot pedal transmits the signal so we were forced to make the keystrokes the same.

We at Bombing Brain Interactive think that the merging of Teleprompt+ and the AirTurn for iPad will be a great addition for many Teleprompt+ users, especially musicians and other performers who need a hands-free operation.  We highly recommend that you check out the awesomeness of AirTurn for iPad together with Teleprompt+ for iPad.


  1. Frances Dobson
    Posted January 11, 2012 at 1:59 pm | Permalink

    I am a qualified lipspeaker for lipreaders and also a qualified court stenographer. Love Teleprompter +, but there is something I want it to do that I can’t do now. I need to send script a line at a time. I don’t want to rewind to the beginning. As a court reporter I would use a Keyboard Macro F12 to send a script a line at a time to things like a caption box. I work in courts with lipreaders and they need to read or follow their interview statement with a video of me. The statments are time coded by the police. What usually happens is the lawyer will refer to specific parts of their statement rather than read the whole thing at trial so I need to jump to the exact spot, which I could do with bookmarks in another app called exhibit view. I can synch me mouthing the words to the text, great. I can capture audio and text, fab. Now all I need to do is to be able to navigate in teleprompter+ with the script. Up a line, down or up a line, Go to a word, phrase mark page or timecode would be on my wish list. On average people talk at 160 words per minute in British courtrooms. Police witnesses tend to be too fast for lipreaders and I have to slow them down so the defendant, witness or complainant can follow and understand.

    As a machine shorthand writer I like your Teleprompter + for shorthand practice learning shorter forms of capturing speach as the written word. These are typically phrases written in one stroke and I need to overlearn them at speed to recall and apply them when people speak at 200 wpm +. That is the name of the game. It is short writing that comes up translated in the language of choice. I think the world record for machine shorthand writing is currently about 360 words per minute and there is a target speed to do the 400 wpm by those in the champions league. Your product is not fast enough for them to work against a visual presentation. Lets put that idea on the wish list. Typically shorthand writers would want to set the speed and duration. Like 5 minutes at 180 wpm. Lipspeakers would love to practice 20 minutes of script at 140 wpm for verbatim lipspeaking. One of the things lipspeakers do if the speech is too fast for a lipreader is to cut out the redundencies of speech. That requires a lot of practice to do well and to make it look like we are respeaking what is said without an interrupted flow. I hope all that makes sense. Thank you for a wonderful product that I can carry on my phone and iPad. Frances Dobson

  2. Posted January 12, 2012 at 8:19 pm | Permalink

    Wow thanks Frances! Great detail but I’m not sure I followed everything and know what you are looking for. Are you looking for a way of setting a certain time and the text will scroll the entire script for that duration of time (no matter what the speed setting)? Or are you just looking for faster speed? Or something else?

    Love the feedback just not sure I follow. Thanks!