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Setlists 2.1 – Now with backing tracks and metronome!

We are happy to announce that Setlists 2.1 has arrived in the App Store – our first major feature update to Setlists 2! With great new features including the ability to play backing tracks with your songs, and a new click feature to keep you on tempo, Setlists 2.1 will be your ultimate live performance companion. Upgrade today, or [...]

Setlists Update 1.1 Adds New Features to your Favorite Lyric Prompter

One of our biggest hopes when we launch any new app is that we’ll get the opportunity continue to work on it, improve it, make it more powerful. Knowing that no app can ever truly be complete at 1.0, we look forward to adding more over time and bringing even more value to our customers. [...]

Musicians Use iPad and Teleprompt+ on Stage

Update, April 25th, 2012: After an overwhelming response to this article on lyric prompting on stage, we decided to create a special lyric prompting app, called Setlists, tailored to the specific needs of musicians. You can read all about Setlists here. I have a great musical memory for chords, phrases, even melodies. But when it [...]

Using an iPad Teleprompter in the Music Studio

Thanks to modern technology, the writing and recording processes are becoming more intertwined. Several years ago, we needed to work out the details of our songs for several months in a rehearsal space and then try to capture them all during the course of an expensive few days or weeks in the studio. Today, we [...]