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Setlists 2.1 – Now with backing tracks and metronome!

We are happy to announce that Setlists 2.1 has arrived in the App Store – our first major feature update to Setlists 2! With great new features including the ability to play backing tracks with your songs, and a new click feature to keep you on tempo, Setlists 2.1 will be your ultimate live performance companion. Upgrade today, or [...]

Tips for Recording Audio for your Short Videos

I’ve worked for educational institutions and with many amateurs who make short videos for the web. Usually for either screen capture demos or some sort of narrated promo video. Those who have been doing this sort of work for a while understand the need to carefully script out every action and word before recording. Those [...]

Teleprompt+ 2.0.2 Converting old audio recordings

We are happy to announce that Teleprompt+ 2.0.2 has been released.  The ability to export audio recordings has been added to this version.  We were originally hoping to have this in the 2.0 release but technical issues made it impossible. Over the past month we looked into it and got it functioning. The old version [...]