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More Remote Options with Teleprompt+ for iOS (iPad/iPhone)!

We are very happy to announce new partnerships with Teleprompt+ for iOS. We have added support for the ikan Elite Prompter, iRig Blueboard, iRig BlueTurn and the Grip&Shoot remotes. Many thanks to the folks at ikan, IK Multimedia and Grip&Shoot for reaching out to us to help make this happen. One of the great things that [...]

iPad Pro and Bombing Brain Apps: What you Need to Know

Apple has released iPad Pro, an all-new device with a stunning 12.9-inch screen. Users of both Teleprompt+ and Setlists will be happy to learn that we are hard at work optimizing both of these apps to take advantage of all this new device has to offer. When it comes to prompting text, bigger is better. [...]

Teleprompt+ on your Wrist

  For a three-person company, managing resources is always the biggest challenge. When Apple Watch was announced, and with it the news that we’d be able to develop watch apps, all three of us were immediately excited, yet cautious. We’re in the middle of a major new version of our app Setlists, along with developing [...]

Teleprompt+ 3 Featured on has a new course debuting today called “Managing a Video Production with an iPad” which features the all-new Teleprompt+ 3. If you’re a subscriber, and you’re interested in video production you should check it out. If you’re not a subscriber, you should consider signing up. Amazing treasure trove of instructional video there [...]

Designing Teleprompt+ 3—The Script Editor

One of the first things we realized when adding rich text to the feature set of Teleprompt+ was that the look of the script editor was going to have to change. In previous versions of the app, the editor was a simple black text on light grey background, much like most plain text editors. But [...]