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Talking App Development at Silicon Valley Apps for Kids

I had the pleasure of giving a talk about our latest application, Spooky Playtime, at the Silicon Valley Apps for Kids meetup this past Monday night. Special thanks to Joshua Garrett of Creativity Incorporated for hosting this event. And thanks to everyone in the audience for your attention, despite it being the last night of [...]

Cat’s Eyes: A Character Design Study

When Gene asked me what I thought about doing a children’s educational game for Halloween, I knew immediately that it was going to be a challenge. He wanted an app that his own kids would play, to communicate to his children what it was he spends so much of his time doing. To hand it [...]

What it takes to write a kick butt iOS game in a month – Part 2

(If you haven’t read Part 1 of this blog please read that first to get the full story of Spooky Playtime) The marathon coding weekend Between our other commitments, both home and work, we realized if we wanted to get this done in time we would have to truly dedicate some time to this project. [...]

What it takes to write a kick butt iOS game in a month (and not have your wife and kids walk out on you)

Late July: “I was thinking that our next app could be a Halloween game for preschoolers. We’d need to get it done by mid September to have a it approved and on the app store for the Halloween season. Think we can do it?” Most seasoned iPhone developers would probably turn and run in fear [...]