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Setlists 2.1 – Now with backing tracks and metronome!

We are happy to announce that Setlists 2.1 has arrived in the App Store – our first major feature update to Setlists 2! With great new features including the ability to play backing tracks with your songs, and a new click feature to keep you on tempo, Setlists 2.1 will be your ultimate live performance companion. Upgrade today, or [...]

The Circle is Now Complete – Announcing Teleprompt+ for Mac!

We’ve strived for over a year to make Teleprompt+ the best teleprompter on the iOS platform. Thanks to you, our users, we’ve been able to add many of the features and enhancements you’ve requested to make the app a leader in its category. Yet we admit there has always been something missing – a companion [...]

iPad Evolution. Apps Will Never Be the Same Again

Today Apple announced the iPad 2, the first major upgrade to its revolutionary tablet device. The original iPad’s impact cannot be denied. It practically created its own electronics category, and despite much criticism as to its usefulness when it was first announced, it became one of the most successful product launches in history. Today that [...]

Time To Break The Rules – From Employee to Entrepreneur

I’m not encouraging anyone to go out and break any laws or anything like that, but I think its important sometimes to understand that to be successful and stand out, you have to break from what is considered the normal path. I was on that path. Before Bombing Brain, I had a fairly good career. [...]

Why We Are Here (Introducing Bombing Brain, Part 1)

Please let me introduce myself… My name is Gene Whitaker, and I am the co-founder and CEO of Bombing Brain Interactive. We’re currently a three-man operation, so I don’t take that “CEO” title that seriously. Lets just say it stands for “chief explosives officer” (pun intended) and be done with the formalities. We are three [...]