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Another 360 Has Come and Gone

It’s September again, and for Bombing Brain, that has come to be synonymous with 360iDev. All three of us were able to make the trip this year, thanks to the endless understanding of our families. It’s a great opportunity for us to gather as a company amongst likeminded people and discuss the business of mobile development.

This annual ritual in Lone Tree is special for us, because it was the first iOS conference we all attended together back in 2011. John and Nicole Wilker always put on a great event, and the crowd is full of both familiar and new faces. And after coming here three years in a row now, we’ve begun to find our favorite spots to visit around the Denver area as well.

On Sunday, we took a morning hike at Red Rocks park, visiting the amazing ampetheater and roasting in the scorching sun. A great way to start off the week with a little exercise.

Bombing Brain at Red Rocks

Joe, Gene, and Tim at Red Rocks Park

I gave a talk on Monday about customer service—about which we here at Bombing Brain feel very passionate. It was well received, and sparked a good discussion afterwards.

Tuesday, we were treated to new Apple announcements. We’re very excited to see Teleprompt+ and Setlists running on those shiny new iPhones. And while our iOS 7 updates aren’t quite ready yet, rest assured, plans are underway to take full advantage of this new operating system.

Wednesday night was bittersweet, as we bade farewell to friends, some of which we’ll see again soon, some of which we won’t see until next year.

Events like these are perfect times to take a step back and reflect on the state of your business. We feel we’re doing the best work we’ve ever done, and we’re beyond excited for all of you to see what we have in store for our next rounds of updates. Look for lots of new things from Bombing Brain in the coming months.