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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Musicians Use iPad and Teleprompt+ on Stage

Update, April 25th, 2012: After an overwhelming response to this article on lyric prompting on stage, we decided to create a special lyric prompting app, called Setlists, tailored to the specific needs of musicians. You can read all about Setlists here. I have a great musical memory for chords, phrases, even melodies. But when it [...]

Record Podcasts with an iPad Teleprompter

Podcasters will be happy to know that recording podcasts just got easier. Read from a teleprompter while recording your podcast all through one application. No more finding a good spot next to your computer for your handwritten script. No more scrolling down that Word doc as you’re recording your audio on your laptop. Now you [...]

iPad Evolution. Apps Will Never Be the Same Again

Today Apple announced the iPad 2, the first major upgrade to its revolutionary tablet device. The original iPad’s impact cannot be denied. It practically created its own electronics category, and despite much criticism as to its usefulness when it was first announced, it became one of the most successful product launches in history. Today that [...]